What is Rebel U?

Rebel U is a professional development day designed for Godfrey-Lee Public Schools' teaching staff.  The overall goal/objective for this professional development day is to provide teachers with a variety of opportunities to learn about how teaching and learning can be transformed through the use of technology.  This approach supports the district's initiative to move towards a web-based environment, providing access to resources anywhere, anytime, with any device.  This day provides teachers with the chance to self-direct their own learning and select sessions that are important and meaningful to them as well as learn about what other teachers in the district are using in their classrooms.  By combining training for classroom implementations and interesting resources, we hope to provide our teachers with confidence in integrating technology into their curriculum.

Rebel U 2018

Rebel U 2018 will consist of lots of learning, fun, and exploration.  All preferred sessions will be selected by teachers (no required sessions).  Sessions will be ran by teachers, district employees or other special guest presenters.  Godfrey-Lee teachers will need to pre-register for sessions.

We encourage teacher participants to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to use for the day.  Due to that fact that teachers will be building a website, a laptop is recommended for use that day.

Rebel U Updates