FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is Rebel U open to?
Rebel U is a technology professional development day designed for teachers in the Godfrey-Lee Public School District.

Who can present at Rebel U?
Anyone!  The GLPS Technology and Media Team opens a call for presenters to the district, but also to professionals outside of the district.

Why is the Call for Presenters so early?
The main reason the Call for Presenters is early is due to the fact that we like to offer teachers the opportunity to receive SB-CEUs for their day of learning.  This process can take up to several months and we like to have approval before the end of the school year.  This time also gives teachers time with their students or team members to refine their presentation and work out any kinks.

Why can't we have time in the afternoon to just "play"?
We like to maximize the time that has been given to us by the district for technology professional development.  We understand it is overwhelming for some teachers to receive new information, but we try to meet the needs of all teachers.  Any member of the Technology & Media Team is available at any time throughout the year to help you with anything new you might have learned at Rebel U, and your session presenters also serve as a great resource beyond the day.  Also, in order to continue to offer at least 0.5 SB-CEU credits, we need to have a structured day with presenters leading sessions.

Why aren't there many sessions offered for my grade level?
The GLPS Technology & Media Team puts out a general call for presenters.  It is up to each teacher in the district to decide if they would like to present or not.

Why aren't there multiple sessions offered for one topic?
The sessions offered are based on the responses from teachers who have decided to present a session.  If a presenter only wants to present on his/her topic for one session, there will only be one session available unless someone else would like to present on the same topic.

Are there handouts going to be available for sessions I am unable to attend?
Handouts are made available by the session presenters.  The Technology and Media Team encourages presenters to have some sort of handout that can be posted online for later reference, but it is not required.