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Photo Editing with Picnik

Picnik is an online photo editing site that allows you to easily edit and share pictures.  Pictures allow you to illustrate ideas and concepts quickly and easily with students.  As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words."  Listed below are some ways you can use Picnik in your classroom or with your students as well as some example images (click on any of the images to see a larger view).

Integration Ideas:
  1. Create a postcard.

  2. Illustrate letters of the alphabet with pictures.

  3. Illustrate short stories.

  4. Create advertisements.

  5. Create magazine covers.
  6. Students can use an interactive whiteboard to collaboratively edit a photo to present to the class to demonstrate their comprehension.
  7. Create step-by-step directions for students.  Example:  Take pictures of how to set up a science lab and assemble them in a collage to provide students with concise directions.
  8. Display content that was part of class discussion.

  9. Create a virtual tour by adding several images into a collage.
  10. Illustrate pictures after a field trip through a writing activity.

  11. Make seasonal locker tags - Picnik has many tools that are great for teachers.  To see these tools or create a locker tag, visit
  12. Assign one student a week to be a class photographer - include pictures in your weekly newsletter or online publication.
  13. Take pictures of community landmarks and have students write descriptions of the landmarks.
  14. Write a class story or re-create a story using pictures.

  15. Create a collage or slideshow of an event that took place in your school, classroom or even a field trip.
  16. Enhance pictures that can be given to parents as a seasonal gift using the seasonal features.

Further Use of Pictures:
  1. After editing your pictures (or creating a collection of pictures editing by students), you can compile your images in a slideshow using Animoto or create an online poster using Glogster to display your photos.  Both of these sites have special education accounts available to teachers.
  2. Upload your pictures to your teacher web page or a photo sharing site such as Flickr or Shutterfly.

Images without the Picnik logo belong to Sarah Wood.