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Using Skype in Your Elementary Classroom

Skype Training
  1. What is Skype?  It is a free video phone service available on the internet.  Anyone who is registered with Skype can call other Skype users for free.  All you need is internet access, a webcam and a microphone.
  2. Log in to where you will see the Home Page.
  3. Click on the tab/page that says “Get Skype”. 
  4. Download Skype 4.2 to your computer.  If this has already been done, skip to number 5.
  5. Once Skype is installed on your computer, you will need to “Create an Account”.  Above the “tabs” you should see “Sign In”, “Join”, “Tell a Friend”, etc.  Select “Join”.
  6. Complete the information in the box at the top.  It is suggested to not use your full/real name.  In the profile box, you need to complete your country and your language. You can complete the rest of your profile information at another time, if you wish (it is NOT necessary and will be visible to all Skype users).  Complete the Skype use box and the Type the text you see box.  Then click on “Create My Account”.
  7. DO NOT use the Skype to phone connections or you will be charged!  ONLY Skype to Skype is FREE!  Also DO NOT use the “Skype Me” feature as it will allow everyone on Skype to contact you (rather than just the people you choose to allow to contact you!)
  8. Now you should be ready to add contacts.  You can search for contacts by full name, Skype user name, or email address.