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Even though I knew just about everything for the morning sessions, I think all sessions were useful to us as a district staff. Instead of saying I was "bored" or knew "it all," I chose to find at least three things I did not know or understand that I could use as a teacher. What impressed me the most was how organized Rebel U was! Congrats to all of the organizers and presenters. This was probably one of the best PD days I have ever gone through at GLPS!
~Jody Jensen
Lee High School

It was awesome and very forward thinking. A very ingenious idea and a perfect demonstration of how to incorporate technology into the classroom. Please do it again!
~Keith Tramper
Lee High School

I think that this was a very worthwhile use of our PD time -- probably one of the best PD days we've had in recent years.  In each session, I learned something new, even about technology I already felt comfortable or familiar with.  What I learned today is relevant and directly applicable to my classroom.
~Lisa Britten
Lee High School

Fantastic! Great job on being so well organized and having different options for a variety of subjects. This allowed teachers to decide what session would be utilized in their classroom. The information presented was great and gave me new ideas for this school year! 
~Emily Milanowski
Lee Middle School

Some of it was review for me (morning).  I think that this was a great way to have PD!!!!  Really you are having us do what we expect the students to do!  We get real life experience with the some of the new tools that we can try.
~Heather Vernon
Early Childhood Center

I liked it a lot, doing the different sessions in each room kept it interesting and made the day go by quickly.  It was fun to be able to choose what sessions were of interest to us in the afternoon.
~Jackie Wearing
Godfrey Elementary

It was very cool.  I am excited to be part of this district and the cutting edge technology available to assist our students in learning.  
~Katie VanHaven
Early Childhood Center

This was a very eye-opening experience.  It makes me want to go out and learn more!
~Tami Nelson
Early Childhood Center