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PresenterBuildingTitleSession TitleDescriptionTarget Grade(s)Target Audience
PresenterBuildingTitleSession TitleDescriptionTarget Grade(s)Target Audience
Amanda Wigent Lee Middle School 6th Grade Math Teacher     
Andrea Donovan Lee Middle/High School READ180 Instructor   All grade levels All levels 
Andrea Hall ECC 2nd Grade Teacher What Are Your Kids Thinking???? Thinking tends to be invisible. Students can struggle with externally describing the internal reasoning behind their conclusions. Visual Thinking is a research-based approach to developing students' metacognition and thinking while deepening their understanding of subject matter across the curriculum. This session will demonstrate how students can use district technology resources and free web-based programs to make their thinking visible. Methods teachers can use to visually display conceptual meaning and relationships will also be discussed. Time for collaborative or individual brainstorming and exploration will be given. K-2, 3-5, 6-8 Intermediate/Advanced 
Andy Steketee Lee Middle School 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher   6-8, 9-12 Beginner/Intermediate 
Brandy Coleman Lee Middle School 6th Grade LA Teacher StoryJumper Digital Storybook A free internet tool that allows students to make their own digital books which can be purchased by mom and dad. Allows students the freedom to be creative without costing the teacher or the school district anything. Great for Language Arts as well as Social Studies. 6-8 All levels 
Brenda Caballero  Lee Middle/High School ELL Teacher ELL Meteorologists This session will present an overview of a thematic ELL unit that incorportes ELL strategies and technology. Participants will also have a chance to learn how to make podcast recordings using Audacity. All grade levels Beginner, Intermediate 
Brett Lambert Lee Middle/High School Dean of Students   All grade levels All levels 
Carole Stefon with Christi Gilbert Godfrey Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher Glogster for K-5 Glogster is a way to make a poster, called a Glog, online! No more broken crayons or sticky fingers! You will make a Glog and see others that have been made by our elementary students. This can be used for any subject!  K-2, 3-5 Beginner 
Chris DeMaagd Lee Middle School 7/8 LA Teacher   6-8, 9-12 Beginner 
Dan Townsend District-Wide Audio-Visual Technician     
Dan Verwolf District-Wide Network Administrator RebelNet & Google Apps  6-8, 9-12 All Levels 
Dan Verwolf District-Wide Network Administrator Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device!  All grade levels All levels 
David Britten Administration Superintendent Reach out beyond the walls! Twitter is not for the birds and its definitely not about what you ate for breakfast today! Learn how to expand your professional learning through real-time communications such as Twitter, Facebook, and other social network applications. Experience the power of technology and the web through development of a world-wide professional learning community. All grade levels All levels 
Gabe Snyder Lee High School Social Studies Teacher Prezi    
Gabe Snyder Lee High School Social Studies Teacher Online Evaluation Portfolios Teachers are under new guidelines that allow them to create a portfolio for their evaluations. I would like to have a Rebel U course that will help teachers do this online.  9-12, All grade levels Intermediate 
Heather Vernon ECC 1st Grade Teacher     
Jodi Noakes ECC Kindergarten Teacher Visual Media  K-2  
Jody Jensen Lee High School English Teacher Adapting Senior Capstone    
Jody Jensen Lee High School English Teacher Photography    
Julie Fox ECC Kindergarten Teacher Speakaboo - I see you! I will teach you how to access websites such as Speakaboos, that helps children with their reading skills. Children follow along as they hear the story being projected onto your whiteboard. Access lesson plans for the stories, too! K-2 Beginner/Intermediate 
Karyl Kramer Lee High School Business Teacher Moodle  All grade levels Beginner 
Katie VanArk ECC Kindergarten Teacher Teaching Using Digital Photos Participants in this session will explore various ways of using digital photography in the classroom to accomplish learning objectives, including through class-created books, games, art projects. K-2 All levels 
Kelly McGee District-Wide District Media Specialist Beyond Basic Google    
Kelly McGee District-Wide District Media Specialist Animoto in Action Learn how to make "Super Cool" videos "Super Fast" and "Super Fun". GO LOCO with ANIMOTO!  All grade levels Beginner/Intermediate 
Kindy Segovia KISD Assistive Technology Coordinator Building Your Toolkit: Assistive Technology and UDL Strategies for the Classroom Learn about some free and inexpensive tools and strategies, tips and tricks, for you and your students. Find out about Assistive Technology tools, and Universal Design for Learning tools, that benefit not only your struggling students, but all students! Everything from highlighter tape to Web 2.0 tools, Smartpens, thumb keyboards, MP3 players, and more!! All grade levels All levels 
Libby Drake Vision Quest  Career Cruising    
Lisa Britten Lee High School Read180 Coordinator / Lee HS English Dept.   6-8, 9-12 All levels 
Melissa Gill Lee Middle School Reading Teacher   6-8, 9-12 All levels 
Melissa Gill with Sarah Wood Lee Middle School/District-Wide 6th Grade Teacher/ Technology & Media Integration Specialist Test Taking Tools Learn about tools and resources that can be used to help your students prepare for assessments and standardized tests. All grade levels All levels 
Peter Geerling ECC 2nd Grade Teacher Google Docs for Assessment How to use Google Forms to build assessments. K-2, 3-5 Beginner/Intermediate 
Ron Houtman KISD Educational Technology Consultant Screencasting your classroom to improve student achievement Learn how to improve communication and document student achievement through the use of free cloud-based applications like Jing and learn how to integrate those into their blog, wiki, Moodle, or Blackboard course. You will learn how to create interactive learning experiences that can be shared locally or through the Internet. All grade levels Intermediate 
Sarah Wood District-Wide Technology & Media Integration Specialist 40 in 40 Want to know "what is out there"? Learn about 40 different web tools (in 40 minutes!) that can transform the teaching and learning in your classroom. This session includes a mix of instruction, hands-on exploration, creation and modeling of teaching and learning skills. All grade levels All levels 
Tammy Annis Lee Middle School Special Education Teacher  Assistive Technology, including equipment and software, SMART Board: A Tool for Instruction, Using the ELMO w/ SMART Board Instruction 3-5, 6-8 All levels 
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