Make Your Own Website with Weebly for Beginners, Part 1

Presenter: Katie VanArk

Target Grade Level: All Grade Levels

Target Audience Level: Beginner

Relevant Curricular Areas: School Improvement, Parent Communication/Involvement

Related ISTE Standards: Communication and Collaboration

Strand: Using Technology Tools or Applications

Session Description: This is a hands-on session, please bring your own laptop if you have one. Participants will learn how to use Weebly to create their own class web site. The goals for this session are to learn to choose a design template, create a home page, and add a contact form. It is intended that participants will actually complete this work as part of the session. Please be respectful of your colleagues and avoid signing up for this session unless you are a beginner and have never made a web site using Weebly before. Thanks!

Learning Objectives
  • TLW will demonstrate how to select a design template, how to add text to a home page, and how to add a new page with a contact form. 
  • TLW create a web site with a home page and contact form.