Dare to be Different(iated)

Presenter: Lisa Britten

Target Grade Level: 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th

Target Audience Level: Beginner

Relevant Curricular Areas: Differentiated Instruction

Related ISTE Standards: Learning and Teaching

Strand: Professional Learning

Session Description: You've heard about Read180 and System44, but how can the information from these two classes help you in your own classroom? Learn about the Lexile framework, find out where to access your students' Lexile scores, and learn how you can determine the reading level of the texts you use with your students to plan for grouping and differentiation.

Learning Objectives
  • Teachers will learn where the Lexile framework came from.
  • Teachers will learn how Lexile scores are collected and organized at GLPS.
  • Teachers will learn what Lexile scores mean (i.e. student reading levels).
  • Teachers will learn how to choose texts to use with classes using Lexile scores.
  • Teachers will learn about the resources available to them on Lexile.com.