Make Your Own Website with Weebly for Beginners, Part 2

Presenter: Katie VanArk

Target Grade Level: All Grade Levels

Target Audience Level: Beginner

Relevant Curricular Areas: School Improvement, Parent Communication/Involvement

Related ISTE Standards: Communication and Collaboration

Strand: Using Technology Tools or Applications

Session DescriptionIF YOU ENROLL IN THIS SESSION, YOU MUST ALSO ENROLL IN PART 1! This session will expand on the work done in part one. Participants will build upon their personal class web sites created in part 1 by adding a bio page and a parent resource page to their websites and learning how to link their site to educational sites using hyperlinks. Again, please be respectful of your colleagues and only sign up for this presentation if you are a beginner and have enrolled in part 1. Please bring your laptop for this session. It is helpful if you bring digital photos of yourself but not required.

Learning Objectives
  • TLW create a bio page and a parent resource page for their personal web site.