Make Your Class Digital with Kidblog

Presenter: Craig Steenstra, KISD Educational Technology Consultant

Target Grade Level: K-2, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th

Target Audience Level: All Levels

Relevant Curricular Areas: Cross Curricular

Related ISTE Standards: Communication and Collaboration

Strand: Using Technology Tools or Applications

Session Description: This session will focus on the web application Kidblog. Participants will learn about the possibilities and benefits of the site, including how students can display their work, respond to teachers' discussions, and interact with each other in creative ways. They will also see how to set up and manage a class and get a feel for the user experience.

Learning Objectives
  • Improve teacher to student and student to student interaction
  • Improve students' use of digital tools to revise and publish work
Session Reference Materials: