Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard for the Elementary Teacher

Presenter: Jason Faasse & Carole Stefon

Target Grade Level: 3rd-5th

Target Audience Level: Beginner

Relevant Curricular Areas: Science, Differentiated Instruction, Mathematics

Related ISTE Standards: Technology Operations and Concepts

Strand: Using Technology Tools or Applications

Session Description: Would you like an Interactive Whiteboard in your classroom but don't want to spend $1,500? For a right around $100 you can have one!!!  In this session we will show you how easy it is to flip your whiteboard into an Interactive Galaxy for Learning!  Also in this lesson will be some creative ways to use the IWB to keep your students engaged in every lesson!

Learning Objectives
  • TLW know what product are required for setting up an Wiimote IWB.
  • TLW be able to verbalize how an IWB keeps kids more engaged than a regular white board and projector. 
  • TLW get some great ideas of what they can do if they decide they want and IWB for their classroom.