LiveBinders 101

Presenter: Chris DeMaagd

Target Grade Level: 6th-8th, 9th-12th

Target Audience Level: Beginner

Relevant Curricular Areas: Cross Curricular

Related ISTE Standards: Technology Operations and Concepts

Strand: Classroom Models and Strategies for Integrating Technology

Session Description: LiveBinders are 3-ring binders for the Web that help you and your students collect resources and organize them as neatly and easily as a 3-ring binder without taking up space and collecting dust! Plus they are available anywhere you have web access and are useful across all curricula.

Learning Objectives
  • To show teachers how LiveBinders can be used to organize information within units for easy access for students.
  • To show teachers how students can use LiveBinders to organize information for their own use or for a particular project.