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Collaborative Project

As a way for teachers to take what they have learned during the day, the GLPS Tech & Media Team designed a project where all teachers in the district could design a lesson around a central topic - bullying.  The purpose of this project was not only for teachers to have set work time on a professional development day, but to delve further into some of the tools and ideas they learned, collaborate with other teachers in the district, and create an idea or project that they could walk away with to use in their classroom.

The project centered around a video that was designed and produced by the GLPS Tech & Media Team.  In the video, viewers were posed with the question of, "What are the colors of a bully?" in an attempt to find a cure or remedy for bullying.  With their classrooms, students, and curriculum in mind, teachers were challenged to propose a solution to bullying that also integrates with their curriculum.

Each teacher had a Google presentation that was shared with them that contained information about the project as well as the project video (presentation found below).  They were asked to use information that they already know about their curriculum, available technology tools, and what they learned during the day to think of two lesson ideas that could be implemented in their classroom - one that does not utilize technology and another one that does.  Each teacher recorded their lesson ideas on their personal slide and had the opportunity to collaborate with others face-to-face as well as online.

The GLPS Tech & Media Team offered assistance in implementing any of these ideas throughout the year and documenting the solutions to the "Choose Your Own Adventure" that was presented to teachers.  This project was intentionally left open-ended so each teacher could find a way to implement their idea in their classroom.  There wasn't a common end project that was expected - no student or classroom fits into a one-size-fits-all mold, so neither does the format of the learning and instruction.

Colors of a Bully - Movie Trailer
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Colors of a Bully - Full Movie

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Colors of a Bully - Explanation of Project
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Collaborative Project
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