iPads: The Kids Know How to Use Them, and You Can Too

Presenter: Amy Gregory & Heather Vernon

Target Grade Level: All Grade Levels

Target Audience Level: Introductory, Intermediate

Relevant Curricular Areas: General Content

Related ISTE Standards: Learning and Teaching

GLPS Teacher Evaluation Domain Relation:
1D - Knowledge of resources and technology, 3C - Engaging students in learning, 3D - Using assessment in instruction

Lesson Design Components: Guided Practice, Summarizers

Session Description:
This session will provide a basic introduction to iPads in the classroom. It will cover how to operate an iPad, how to download apps and sync multiple iPads, and how to manage student use.

I will also show how I have started to incorporate iPads into my classroom for extra practice, presentations, and publishing.

It is strongly encouraged that you bring an iPad with you for this interactive session.

Session Reference Material: