Building Your Web Presence

Presenter: Craig Steenstra

Target Grade Level: All Grade Levels

Target Audience Level: Introductory, Intermediate

Relevant Curricular Areas: General Content

Related ISTE Standards: Support, Management, and Operations

GLPS Teacher Evaluation Domain Relation:
2B - Establishing culture for learning, 3A - Communicating with students, 4C - Communicating with families

Lesson Design Components:

Session Description:
This session will be building off the previous web presence session from January but is perfectly acceptable for those who didn't attend that. We will be reviewing essential elements of an educator's web presence as well as some updates and reminders about functions in the Google Sites platform. The presentation will also include ideas about using your web presence as a central point for others to access content and interact with you as well as each other. Even if you don't use Google Sites, this will help you think more deeply about what you can do with your digital "home base".