iMovie for the iPad: For You, For Students, and For Fun

Presenter: Jason Faasse

Target Grade Level: All Grade Levels

Target Audience Level: Intermediate

Relevant Curricular Areas: Cross Curricular, General Content

Related ISTE Standards: Creativity and Innovation

GLPS Teacher Evaluation Domain Relation:
1D - Knowledge of resources and technology, 3C - Engaging students in learning, 4A - Reflecting on teaching, 4E - Growing and developing professionally

Lesson Design Components: Activators, Summarizers

Session Description:
iMovie is an iPad App that allows you to easily edit video clips into a neat final project. In this session you will learn the basics of using iMovie for the iPad. You will also gain ideas of how to use iMovie in your classroom or to digitally document what you are doing as a professional. Please consider purchasing iMovie for the iPad before your session begins. Purchasing iMovie is not necessary, however it will help you get the most out of this session.

Session Reference Material: