Drawing Into Reading

Presenter: Rosanne Steffens

Target Grade Level: K-2nd, 3rd-5th

Target Audience Level: Introductory

Relevant Curricular Areas: English Language Arts

Related ISTE Standards: Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, and Decision Making

GLPS Teacher Evaluation Domain Relation:
1A - Knowledge of content and pedagogy, 1D - Knowledge of resources and technology, 2C - Managing classroom procedures, 3C - Engaging students in learning

Lesson Design Components:

Session Description:
Learn to use your document camera as a tool to improve your students' handwriting, pencil grip and observation skills. Are you tired of students who hold their pencil in a fist? Who push so hard you can hear the scratching all across the room? Who tear the paper every time they write? Who can't draw a straight line even with a ruler? Then this is the workshop for you. With the help of the document camera we will work on basic pencil and ruler skills. These are the strategies from Wendy Halperin's program "Drawing Into Reading" that I used at the ECC 2012-13. Remember the student who writes without pain writes more.