Rapid Differentiation

: Patricia Doran and Debbie Schuitema

Target Grade Level: All Grade Levels

Target Audience Level: All Levels

Relevant Curricular Areas: Differentiated Instruction

Related ISTE Standards: Learning and Teaching

GLPS Teacher Evaluation Domain Relation:
1B - Knowledge of students, 2A - Creating environment of respect and rapport, 2B - Establishing culture for learning, 3A - Communicating with students, 3C - Engaging students in learning, 3D - Using assessment in instruction, 3E - Demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness

Lesson Design Components: Guided Practice, Assessments

Session Description:
Rapid Differentiation for ELL's in the Classroom.
1.Ongoing individual Google doc. (shared with content teacher) to assess ELL students' ongoing comprehension of content.
2. Quick use of Google translate on documents. To help students rapidly understand directions. (rather than using devices themselves after they receive text and instructions)
3. Voice, Pen, and Cyber checks.

Session Reference Material: