SCECH Credit

As of August 2014...

As part of the day, teachers will have the opportunity to receive 5 SCECH credits for the cost of $5.00.  If you wish to receive SCECH credits for attending Rebel U, you will need to fill out an application the day of Rebel U, be signed in and out of each session, and pay $5.00.  Payments can be received by cash, check, or Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

Note: Rebel U can count towards DPPD hours without having to purchase the SCECH credit.

A Note About Teacher Certification in Michigan:

  • The Michigan Department of Education has released information on Facts on Educator Certification that can be found here.
  • A Master’s degree earned at any time can now be used to renew provisional certificates, as well as progressing to the professional certificate.

  • There is no longer a cap on the amount of DPPD that can be used per year for progressing to the professional certificate, or for renewing a professional certificate (this used to be limited to 30 hours/year).

  • The credit requirement for using college credits, SCECH's, and DPPD is now 150 hours total, instead of the previous 180 hour total.

  • 25 hours of SCECH's or DPPD equates to 1 credit hour of a graduate college course.  Those that are still taking  graduate courses still need 6 credits.